The Importance of Staying Social

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A Social Lifestyle is a Healthy Lifestyle!

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Keeping in contact with friends and family can help maintain your emotional wellness, while social activities can improve the cognitive function of the brain. Stimulate your mind with social activity by joining a club or trying a fitness class. The opportunities are endless!


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The Legacy of North Augusta gives you the chance to experience a renewed sense of fun and vibrancy. You or your loved one may need day-to-day support, but we believe that shouldn’t slow you down — in fact, we have seen residents light up quickly after moving in. Active social engagement, a keen focus on wellness and personal attention from our wonderful team members all provide a holistic approach to aging in our special community. We offer all the amenities and services you could ask for, as well as a range of specialty services, memory care and on-site rehabilitation services through community partnerships, should your needs change. Schedule a tour today to learn more!